Hiking in California

My name is Michelle, and I’ve always loved traveling, the outdoors, and eating. I went to French schools all my life, and was lucky enough to travel a lot as a kid. In 2009, I also spent a year during college studying abroad in Paris. I took as many side trips as I could, and couldn’t wait to get on the next cheap flight to a nearby city.

Only recently when I left my job and set off with nothing but a plane ticket to Stockholm and a ticket home 6 weeks later did I think of starting a blog to track some of these adventures. My tiny hope is that writing about some of these off-the-beaten-path, amazing places and experiences will inspire others to set out and explore more as well, and if anyone can get inspired even the tiniest bit by any of the posts here, I’d feel it was worth it. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people feel they cannot travel because of money. Fear of the unknown, fear of new things, medical reasons – these all may count as barriers, but I don’t think money should be any barrier. You’d be amazed at how cheaply you can travel depending on where you go.


Trying bear prosciutto in Slovenia

Since I love being active and love anything adventure-related, I try to never say no to a new experience that might come my way, and I’ll write a lot about that. A lot will be hiking-related or adventure-related, in any sense of the term. And of course some food posts thrown in as well.

Hoping to keep this site updated as I go different places, and maybe add in some past trips. Feel free to shoot me ideas of new places to go, new things to try, or new things to eat – I can never get enough.


Hiking the Eagle Walk in Austria, September 2015


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