Oh Munchen. You were definitely interesting from beginning to end, just not sure in the absolute best way possible. The couch surfing experience was quite an experience, but more on that later, off blog. One thing I did see on my way to the hosts place, though, was the trains and busses of refugees at the station. The whole area was blocked off and medical tents were set up, with guards and volunteers everywhere inside. My greeter later told me that she had signed up to volunteer but they were turning away all volunteers for 2 more weeks because they were already inundated with help. It’s definitely an interesting time to be in Germany, especially since it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the States.

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Berlin: you really are quite something 

My stay in Berlin was short but definitely the most dynamic of any stay I’ve had so far. I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew is that I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m so glad I finally did.
When I first landed and got into the city, I stopped by my hostel to check in and drop my bags off, but they weren’t accepting check ins until 2pm. It was 1:15. So after checking some quick wifi (you can never be too grateful for free wifi when you have no other way to connect) I actually took my bag on my back and headed for the free Berlin tour meeting point. Our guide was this spunky blonde German girl from Dresden and she took us on 3 long hours of history and walking around the city’s main attractions. I’m glad I went since I got to see some sites and hear stories about them that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. (That the hotel balcony right in front of the Brandenburg Gate, for instance, is the same balcony where Michael Jackson hung the baby. Crucial info I know.) I met a lot of other travelers, a girl spending the day in Berlin before taking the night train to Poland, and an older woman from Australia traveling on her own for 2 months.

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