2 days in Belgrade

After a great 2 days of hiking in Montenegro, I was ready to hit the “Party City” of Belgrade. Now, Serbia’s definitely not on most Americans’ radars in terms of travel destinations, but I’m here to encourage you to go. I never felt unsafe there (I was with a guy, but I don’t think I would have felt any differently if I had been traveling alone), and really wish I could have spent more time exploring the city and seeing the nightlife.

The bus ride was long: 9 hours from Zabljak to be exact. I think I’ve learned a new level of patience from the long bus rides in Europe (from Berlin all the way down to Montenegro, I hadn’t yet taken one single flight), and this one was no different. It did help to have someone traveling with me.

Tara River Bridge (crossed over on the bus from Zabljak to Belgrade)

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