Hiking the Adlerveg: Day 5 (Buchacker Inn to Pinegg)

The next day’s hike was definitely the hardest of all, as expected. It was marked a “black” trail in the ranking (which really only varies between red and black), and it does deserve that marking. We started off with about 1,000m almost straight up, usually with the help of iron wiring, steep steps, or just good ol fashioned uphill. It was fun, though, and if you’re decently in shape and not too afraid of heights, this might be one of your favorite days.






When we finally, FINALLY reached the top of Plessenberg, we stopped for a good hour just to take in the view. It was totally fogged over when we got there but soon cleared up, which made the wait worth it.

Heading down to the hut, we couldn’t wait to rest our legs and sit down. But..that wasn’t to be. The hut we were aiming for was full – probably in part because of the Almatrieb festival happening all over – so she sent us over to the next town to an open room at a guest house there. Instead of taking the bus (since that would have meant another 1.5 hours of waiting), we decided to walk the 7 or 10km. We finally got to the next town and found the inn. As usual, showered, freshened up, and headed across the street to dinner, where there was a surprisingly huge dining room and lots of groups speaking English. The goulash and schnapps felt well-deserved.



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